The wonders of autumn

“Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.” - Elizabeth Lawrence


Children are naturally curious about the wonders of the world and would ponder natures beauty of leaves changing colour and trees dropping little treasures all day long. Even as adults who have witnessed many autumns still appreciate natures beauty. 

At Gracie Drew's we follow the children's interests and our days are child initiated. Therefore at the moment the children are enjoying exploring what autumn has to offer.

Our environment has been decorated with objects, books and words relating to autumn which the children can play and investigate and this will then spark interest within areas of the curriculum. 

Literacy and Health and Wellbeing - we have beautiful books about autumn and the weather. These resources will encourage conversation and learning about what we wear to during the autumn season such as rain jacket to keep us dry.

The children can also experience mark making in beautiful autumnal colours such as yellow couscous or red dyed corn. 

Numeracy - A large orange pumpkin or long green courgettes will always get the children to talk about weight and length, therefore we have set up displays which will promote further knowledge in numeracy.