“It is the spirit of a place that makes it memorable, that expands our sense of possibility and puts us in touch with what is most loving, creative and human about ourselves.

Anita Olds”



Daisy Room 

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The Daisy Room is for babies and young children aged 0 - 3 and is a calm and tranquil space where they can relax, play and flourish.  

Gracie Drew Kitchen 

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Cooking is a basic life skill which also involves science, numeracy and literacy...who would like to make some yummy cookies to eat ! 

Ivy Room

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The Ivy Room is for children aged 3 - 5 and is a nurturing environment which stimulates meaningful play and learning. 

Prices and Availability 


We are in the process of expanding our which will allows us to care for an extra 6 children which a lot more space for us all to play, explore and be happy. 

About Us 

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We are a small family business which was established in 2009. Our aim to provide bespoke care for each individual child.

After School Care 

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Our After School Service is based at Troqueer School. We can care for 20 children in a large, bright and airy space with direct access to the outdoors..