At Gracie Drew we now offer a buffet style lunch. Each child is encouraged to pick what they would like for lunch, where they would like it on their plate and how much. There is always someone on buffet monitoring duties to ensure your child doesn't return to the table with a mound of cheese and biscuits...everything in moderation!

Our  ‘Munchkin Apple Plates' are divided into three sections allowing the children to develop their understanding of portion sizes. They will be guided to put fruit and vegetables into the largest section, meat and protein in one of the smaller sections and grains into the other.

Each week children have the opportunity to look through a basket filled with healthy eating flash cards to choose what they would like to eat the following week. The Gracie Drew team offer questions to challenge and encourage the children to think about what they are would be great everyday but we need a little variation in our diet.  Along with what the children choose the Gracie Drew team always choose something a little different to tickle our taste buds from artisan bread to sun blushed tomatoes. 

We have a display board in the Gracie Drew Kitchen along with a clipboard in the welcome area to display our weekly menu and also details the allergens following the new government guidelines

Meal times at Gracie Drew’s is a time where both staff and children can relax and enjoy a healthy meal. Manners are encouraged from all ages and children help set the table with cutlery and table cloths. We have a fruit and vegetable supervisor during meals and they will record what each child has eaten, this encourages children to eat or even try what is on their plate. 

We feel that it is important that children help prepare and make their own snacks whilst at Gracie Drew’s. Children love to help, especially when it involves rolling up sleeves and diving into a large sticky bowl full of yummy ingredients, sometimes the temptation is too great once a little bit of cake mix magically appears on the end of your finger!

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Cooking is a basic life skill which also involves science, math and language. Children get a great sense of pride once their culinary creation is served to the whole nursery. It is a huge self confidence booster. Plus if they made it, they will eat it or certainly try, so the more hidden fruit and vegetables the better. 

We follow ‘Setting the table’ which is a nutritional guidance and food standards for early year providers in Scotland.